Youth and Longevity Bundle

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Prevent ageing both inside and outside to feel and look young longer 

A lot of our clients are leading a quite healthy life without any major health concerns. However, with increased age, many of the body’s processes, such as general metabolism and mental sharpness, will slow down while simultaneously we will experience a change in the way we look. This inevitable condition of life leads to many of us looking for ways to delay both internal and external signs of aging.

There are many different trends and tips related to how we can look and feel younger, and it can be quite hard knowing which claims that are supported by data and which ones that are not. Therefore, the best thing you can do is finding out what YOUR unique body and mind needs in terms of support to stay healthy both inside and out.

With a combination of DNA Health, Mind and Skin you will get insight into your genetic makeup related to oxidative stress, detoxification, inflammation, methylation, cell signaling, stress response and other important areas that can greatly affect aging. With this knowledge we can then help you tailor a strategy that supports your body, mind and skin where it is needed and thus decrease visible signs of aging as well as increase the internal resilience towards aging.

This bundle includes: 

1x DNA Health test

1 x DNA Mind test

1 x DNA Skin test