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Balance your hormones to feel like the most radiant and vibrant you

Hormonal imbalance and oestrogen-dominant conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis and fibrocystic or painful breasts are all quite common issues today, and they are all a result of how certain environmental factors interact with our genetic and biochemical makeup. For example, we are all constantly faced by various environmental toxins such as different types of plastics containing endocrine disruptive substances that have proven to be able to cause hormonal issues in both men and women, but especially so in women, due to our more complex endocrine system. Some of these plastics can have an oestrogen-mimicking effect, potentially overburdening some of the bodily pathways related to oestrogen. Depending on the way our bodies metabolise and detoxify these compounds, we will be more or less prone to certain health outcomes. 

If you are experiencing symptoms that you think might be related to your hormonal health, this test bundle is a great way to get an insight into which steps you could take to support your body. Oftentimes, symptoms related to hormonal imbalance are indicators of a non-optimal lifestyle leading to an overall lowered health in combination with certain hormonal pathways in the body that may not work properly, perhaps due to genetic variations. The knowledge provided by DNA Health and Oestrogen in combination will give you a great map of your body’s strengths and weaknesses with an extra focus on the hormonal side of things. Thereby you will be able to support where it’s needed and optimise the areas that are already good.

This bundle includes: 

1x DNA Health test

1 x DNA Oestrogen