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Treat yourself to a complete health makeover to become the best you

Are you at a point in your life where you feel ready to become the best version of yourself? Embark on a complete DNA-driven health journey with us to learn about what your unique body needs to thrive and reach its full potential!

This test bundle is a great choice whether you are already healthy and just looking for ways to optimise your life even more, or if you are feeling a bit stuck in your health journey and would like to find an approach that actually works for YOU. 

With this full DNA-package you will learn more about your body and its unique needs than you could ever do by reading general health advice. It is both a fun exploration and a way to really become friends with your body on an in time level while also serving as a guide for how you can optimise your wellbeing on several levels.

You will get deep and broad insights related to skin health, healthy ageing, hormonal health, nutrition and weight management as well as athletic performance.

This bundle includes: 

1x DNA Health test

1 x DNA Mind test

1 x DNA Skin test

1 x DNA Diet test

1 x DNA Sport test

1 x DNA Oestrogen test