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Improve your lifestyle to feel better and get in better physical shape 

Knowing the root causes behind common lifestyle-related health issues such as gut problems, poor sleep and a lower level of energy can be quite hard and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, since we are all unique. A great way to start is to look into your unique genetic profile when it comes to areas such as inflammation, detoxification, food intolerances, food responsiveness, circadian rhythm and vitamin metabolism. From there it is possible to identify potential triggering factors and work out a strategy to strengthen and support the body where it’s needed.

This test bundle will also look into your personal priorities when it comes to diet and exercise. Whether you are interested in knowing how you should exercise and eat to lose that extra weight or maintain your current form, or if you want to know more about your athletic potential when it comes to endurance training or weight lifting, this test bundle will give you some great insights. With knowledge about our genetic potential it is possible to tailor a lifestyle and training routine that will leverage our genetic strengths and improve our overall results. 

With DNA Health, Sport and Diet, you will learn which diet is optimal for you, when and how you should exercise to maintain a healthy weight and increase your performance as well as how to best support your body overall to optimise your health and wellbeing.


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