Are you looking for more ways to help your clients achieve their health goals? 

Nobody understands better than a personal trainer how challenging it can be for people to achieve their everyday health goals. There are so many factors which can influence feelings of success and achievement that go way beyond the exercise routines themselves. Nutrition, lifestyle, mood, everyday stress. When things work together it can be motivating for clients. When things get in the way of making progress then frustrations can build and clients are more likely to quit. 

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Understanding our DNA can help focus health goals on what really works. 

Science is helping us understand more and more about the relationship between our DNA and how our bodies respond to exercise, nutrition and our everyday environment. By understanding our DNA we can focus more on what will really work and tailor our health programmes to suit our bodies. It can also be really motivating to know what our bodies really need and what will make a difference to our loves in the short, medium and long term. 

Translating the science with consultations and support

Here at Nordic Health we don’t think that the test results are enough on their own to help people really understand their DNA. We support all our tests with consultations and follow up support to help people really get the most from translating their DNA into practical action for their lives. 

Recommending our tests to your clients can have all sorts of benefits. 

It can help you tailor your programmes and advice to suit their DNA, help ensure that the effort they put in is rewarded as they achieve their goals more effectively. And it can help support your business with additional revenue and reputation. Support your clients, earn commissions from our tests.

Why not start by understanding your own DNA. 

We’d love to work with more personal trainers and help them develop bespoke programmes for their clients. If you’d like to find out more about how DNA can help personalise programmes for health and wellbeing the place to start is by doing a DNA test and consultation yourself. We’re offering tests at 50% off for personal trainers in Stockholm (effectively at cost to us) to help you optimise your own fitness and understand how our tests could help your clients. 

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Hello, we're Nordic Health.

We're here to help people live healthier, happier lives by personalising their lifestyle, wellbeing and nutrition to be the best for who they really are. First we help you understand your DNA and what it can tell us about how our bodies work. Then we help you use that understanding to tailor your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to be right for YOU. We don’t just leave you to work out what your DNA results mean - our friendly DNALife trained consultants are here to help you understand your unique genetic profile and how to personalise your health, to feel and be your best.