DNA Sport Test + Consultation

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Our DNA Sport test provides insights that can be used to leverage our athletic potential. Its a great way to make sure that you're getting the most from the exercise you do and that your training is optimised to who YOU are. 

It is well-known today that a large part of the variety observed within sports performance can be attributed to genetic factors. DNA Sport looks at various SNPs that have been associated with areas such as energy mobilisation, blood flow and respiration, injury susceptibility and inflammation.

Take the test and book your interpretation session with one of our DNALife accredited coaches who will provide you with simple, straightforward tips on how you can optimise your sports potential.

Explore your athletic potential

You have probably noticed that some people seem to be naturally good at endurance training while others are almost effortlessly talented within strength and weight training. Although factors such as nutrition and motivation play a part in the end results, our genetic makeup will greatly affect how well we perform at various types of training.

DNA Sport looks at gene variants affecting blood flow and respiration, energy mobilisation, fuel metabolism and musculoskeletal properties to help determine whether you will get better and faster results from aerobic training or power training. With that knowledge you will be able to tailor a training program that will focus on your potential, and optimise the outcomes.

Learn about and decrease your injury risk

Some individuals are able to train quite hard for days in a row without problems, while others seem to be much more injury prone. Although one contributing factor is our training technique, a lot of the individual differences when it comes to injury risk can be attributed to our genes.

Research has identified three specific biological areas as strongly associated with an individual’s risk of injury while training: injury susceptibility, inflammation and oxidative stress. All of these areas are examined in the DNA Sport test and with these insights it is possible to increase resilience towards injury by incorporating specific nutrients and conditioning exercises when necessary.

Optimise recovery for increased performance

Another factor that affects our overall performance is that of recovery. Recovery and injury risk are very much intertwined, since a slow recovery time will put you at an increased risk of injury.

The same biological markers that are of interest when examining injury risk can tell us a lot about our ability to recover well after exercise. For example, some of us may have gene variants that are linked to an increase in inflammatory cytokines, which in turn could lead to an increased recovery time due to fatigue and muscle soreness. Moreover, some individuals carry alleles that are associated with a higher level of oxidative stress leading to an increased need of antioxidants.

4 steps to personalised wellness

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What you get with your DNA Sport Test

DNA Test

Get your test kit. Follow the simple instructions to use a mouth swab to gather some cells for our laboratories to analyse for your DNA. Easy to use. No blood draws. All of your information is kept safe and confidential.


Most DNA tests leave it up to you to try and understand what the results mean for your lifestyle and nutrition. We think it's too complex and important for you to be left on your own. Our DNALife accredited coaches will translate your results into a simple interpretation of what your DNA is telling us along with some simple, easy to adopt (and often delicious) recommendations about lifestyle and nutrition tailored to your DNA.

Comprehensive Report

You’ll go away with a Report that provides detailed insights into your DNA and what it means for a range of biochemical and metabolic processes as well as a clear simple summary about what this means for YOUR everyday health and some personalised suggestions for lifestyle changes, nutrition and supplementation. You’ll also get discounts on bundles of ingredients and supplements tailored to your life and a recipe for your personalised smoothie.

Personalised Support

Become part of the Nordic Health community of people living a DNALife and we’ll keep you topped up with loads of inspiring content, advice, recipes and ideas to help tailor your lifestyle and nutrition to your DNA. And if you want more support, advice or to keep learning more about your DNA and Functional Health our coaches are on hand to give advice or more information.

Create your own DNA-driven wellness bundle

Choose from our range of tests to combine the ones that suit you and build your own personalised health package.

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