DNA Diet Test + Consultation

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DNA Diet tests several gene variants that impact metabolism, absorption and storage of fats and carbohydrates, to assist in creating a personalised diet plan.

The results from the test provide insights about your body’s responsiveness to different macro and micronutrients as well as what your genes have to say about your eating behaviour.

Take the test and book your interpretation session with one of our DNALife accredited coaches who will help you design a healthy eating and exercise plan based on your genetic profile.

Low fat, low carb or Mediterranean? Learn which diet suits you best

Have you ever wondered why some individuals seem to respond very well to a diet that is low in fat and high in carbohydrates while others seem to thrive on diets that are quite high in fats and proteins but low in carbs? The answer to why we are not all reacting in the same way to different diets can be found in our genes.

DNA Diet investigates gene variants that impact fat metabolism, obesity and satiety as well as carbohydrate responsiveness. Based on these insights it is possible to determine which diet out of mainly three different types (low fat, low carb or Mediterranean) that will be the most beneficial for you.

Identify your unique weight management priorities

A lot of people find it hard to maintain a balanced weight despite trying to eat a healthy diet and exercising regularly. If the efforts you put in do not lead to desired results, it might be because they are not tailored to your unique genetic makeup and biochemistry.

With the help of DNA Diet, you can learn about your individual risk factors when it comes to body management and how to tailor a lifestyle that is designed to help you keep a healthy weight. The test will also provide insights and tips related to your eating behaviour and your circadian rhythm, two areas that can also greatly affect the ability to maintain a healthy weight.  

Learn how much exercise you need to maintain a healthy weight

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced weight. However, research has shown that genetic variations between individuals can make it harder for some than others to lose weight in response to exercise.

Certain SNPs analysed in the DNA Diet test related to the mobilisation of stored fat can reveal what type and amount of exercise you need to reach and/or maintain a healthy weight. With that knowledge it is possible to tailor a training plan that is unique to your body’s needs in terms of weight management.  

4 steps to personalised wellness

Step 1 - Choose your test

Step 2 - Take your test

Step 3 - Results + consultation

Step 4 - Personalised support

What you get with your DNA Diet Test

DNA Test

Get your test kit. Follow the simple instructions to use a mouth swab to gather some cells for our laboratories to analyse for your DNA. Easy to use. No blood draws. All of your information is kept safe and confidential.


Most DNA tests leave it up to you to try and understand what the results mean for your lifestyle and nutrition. We think it's too complex and important for you to be left on your own. Our DNALife accredited coaches will translate your results into a simple interpretation of what your DNA is telling us along with some simple, easy to adopt (and often delicious) recommendations about lifestyle and nutrition tailored to your DNA.

Comprehensive Report

You’ll go away with a Report that provides detailed insights into your DNA and what it means for a range of biochemical and metabolic processes as well as a clear simple summary about what this means for YOUR everyday health and some personalised suggestions for lifestyle changes, nutrition and supplementation. You’ll also get discounts on bundles of ingredients and supplements tailored to your life and a recipe for your personalised smoothie.

Personalised Support

Become part of the Nordic Health community of people living a DNALife and we’ll keep you topped up with loads of inspiring content, advice, recipes and ideas to help tailor your lifestyle and nutrition to your DNA. And if you want more support, advice or to keep learning more about your DNA and Functional Health our coaches are on hand to give advice or more information.

Create your own DNA-driven wellness bundle

Choose from our range of tests to combine the ones that suit you and build your own personalised health package.

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