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Understanding our DNA can help us make sure the effort we put in is designed to be the right effort for who we are.

Is your training designed to match your recovery times?

Do you understand how well your body responds to strength training vs stamina?

Do your genes mean you are more prone to injury than the person next to you in the gym?

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How to tailor a workout strategy to your genetic potential

The way the body responds to different types of training varies a lot between individuals. Some seem to be almost effortlessly good at endurance training, while others may have more of a talent when it comes to more intense exercises, such as heavy weightlifting. Some recover quickly after a tough training session, while others may need several days to bounce back. A large attributing factor to these differences can be found in the way we take care of ourselves and our bodies, in the sense that we give or don’t give it the right conditions to thrive. However, the other side of the coin is our genetics. Science has identified strong associations between certain genetic variants and for example injury susceptibility and recovery time as well as our ability to perform.