Welcome to Nordic Health.

Tailor your nutrition and lifestyle using our DNA-driven healthcare, for a personalised approach to your wellness.

Take control of your health

Take control of your own healthcare to become the best version of you. We provide a smart, easy solution to managing your health, entirely unique to your genetic profile. Whatever your goal, our approach provides you with a personalised blueprint to a healthier life.

Why DNA driven healthcare?

Understanding our DNA helps us understand how we can best tailor our nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and behaviour to get the most from who we are. 

Since the completion of the human genome project in 2003 more and more research has been undertaken allowing us to understand the relationship between our clusters of genes (what are often referred to as SNPs or Single Nucleotide Polymophisms) and how our bodies work. 

Different gene pattens can impact the way we absorb cholesterol or the speed of our metabolism or the way we absorb certain nutrients.

Our Approach

Our DNA tests focus on the gene clusters where the research is strongest to provide insights about how we can adapt our nutrition and lifestyles to be best for our bodies. They are a really powerful tool in personalising our lifestyles to be right for who we are.

There are a lot of DNA tests on the market. But most of them leave you to figure out what the results mean for you. We think that the information deserves some translation. So our tests come with a 30m interpretation by a dnalife certified practitioner. They give you an overview of what your genes mean for how your body works and some hints and tips on what you can do to adapt your lifestyle and nutrition to be best for you.

About Nordic Health

Nordic Health are part of the Nordic Group of Companies. Founded in Copenhagen in 1996 Nordic Group are on a mission to help more and more people around the world benefit from a personalised approach to healthcare and wellbeing.

Our sister companies lead the way in their field in supporting the growth of personalised medicine. 


+ Nordic Clinic is a pioneering functional and nutritional medicine clinic with offices in cities across Europe. Our practitioners work closely with patients to understand their health journey, their genetics and their biochemistry and to tailor lifestyle and health interventions to who they are as a person. 

+ Nordic Laboratories support functional medicine practitioners around the world with best in class biochemical tests to help them gain a full understanding of their patients. Our testing portfolio includes a huge array of tests supporting insights into gut health and the microbiome, hormonal health, metabolic and cellular health and nearly every area of the human body. 

+ Nordic VMS supports functional medicine practitioners with digital tools to help manage their patient case loads and prescribe dietary and nutritional interventions and supplements. dnalife is a world leading nutrigenomics company providing best in class Dna tests and training to practitioners around the world. All of our tests are based on the latest research about how our genes impact our lives and health.